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China launches CNC World 24-hours English channel. Another propaganda tool?

While many Western media giants are scaling back operations by closing bureaus and laying off employees, because of the advertising slump, China launched this week its 24-hour English-language news channel, CNC World. It will be also a live Internet broadcast. (This is its website)

The Xinhua News Agency, China's dominant news service and the propaganda arm of the Communist Party, will run it. 

This channel is part of a government effort to "present an international vision with a Chinese perspective". China has long complained that its country is often portrayed unfavorably in the Western media and that news coverage has hurt the country's interest abroad. 

Media experts say that the new channel appears to be modeled on Al Jazeera, the Arabic news network.

CNC World is planning to build a newsroom at the top of a 44-story skyscraper in Times Square, giving it an iconic location in New York, in the same neighborhood as Reuters, Conde Nast, News Corp and The New York Times. 

China Central Television, the country’s biggest state-run television broadcaster, has also been expanding overseas and offering broadcasts in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and other languages. And China has heavily financed a makeover of China Daily, its English-language daily newspaper, and introduced a new English edition of Global Times, which is controlled by People’s Daily, the leading Communist Party-run newspaper.

In other words, more propaganda vehicles for the Chinese government. 


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